Specialist Consulting

Understanding galvanising and the many factors that could influence the final product outcome is of paramount importance. Galvanising is not simply taking a piece of steel and coating it with zinc. The entire process flows from how the steel component/item is made. The chemical composition of an item can influence whether it is resilient to galvanising or not. Varying temperatures within the process need to be strictly controlled from start to finish. This includes atmospheric temperature/ conditions as this too influences the process and finished product.

As galvanising experts we offer specialist consulting that includes advice on the materials required to ensure that your final, galvanised product meets all of the specified requirements. Our vast knowledge of steel and galvanising enables us to foresee any potential issues, be they during the galvanising process or at the final installation phase.

Our expertise can help you to ensure that all material thicknesses, lengths and tolerances are appropriate in order to avoid the distortion of items after galvanising takes place. Even the slightest distortion can cause items to not be up to the required specification and this may result in their rejection by the end user. This not only increases project costs but the completion of the project could be delayed resulting in penalties.

Allow us to take the headaches and uncertainty out of your galvanising projects, we have the expertise to save you time and money.

Specialist Consulting
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