Environmental Compliance

Transvaal Galvanisers goes to great lengths and invests extensively in ensuring that we are fully compliant both environmental and health and safety bylaws in South Africa. We are committed to ensuring that all of our processes have minimal, if any, impact on the environment.

Each of our galvanising plants are fully equipped with fume enclosures and extractors. Our objective is not only to extract and remove harmful fumes from our plants but to capture these potentially harmful by-products, neutralise them and correctly dispose of any harmful waste.

We have a highly skilled and trained SHEQ department dedicated to ensuring environmental/ Health, Safety and legal compliance.

With an extensive environmental management plan incorporated into our business management system, there is no shortcut when it comes to legal compliance within our processes and we are dedicated to ensuring all aspects of our business are environmentally compliant.

Environmental Compliance
Environmental Compliance - Transvaal Galvanisers