Kettle Inspection with our KID Unit

The Kid Unit is a specialized Zinc Kettle inspection device that allows us the ability to check the lifespan of a zinc kettle. The unit's probes are submerged in the molten zinc kettle and wall thickness readings of the zinc kettle being inspected are produced.

Galvanising baths are manufactured with the expectation of a certain life span. This can, however, be drastically reduced by many different factors within the galvanising process.

As the only galvaniser in the country with a KID unit, Transvaal Galvanisers has the advantage of being able to prepare for zinc bath changes which drastically reduces down times at our plant.

Allow us to share this advantage with your company as being unaware of a potential hole in the lining of your zinc kettle could result in exorbitant financial implications and an indeterminable amount of down time if the necessary equipment is not readily available and finances are not set aside for such instances.

Kettle Inspection Device
KID Unit
KID Unit Probe