Transvaal Galvanisers specialises offers a range of hot dip galvanising services. As the largest galvanising plant in the Southern hemisphere we are equipped to handle any job - big or small. As experts in the field we have serviced the steel fabrication industry for over 35 years, ensuring quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service.

Along with the general galvanising of steel, we offer a wide range of additional services to assist and compliment the galvanising process. These services include 16 tonne crane capacity with the advantage of crane loading off and onto trucks, to ensure more efficient deliveries and dispatches for our customers.

Based on your requirements, special packaging solutions can be offered. We are also able to recommend and implement appropriate packing methods for specific bulk items that can save on time and transportation costs.

Our boiler workshop is where we manufacture and design new methods of dipping and jigging steel. This facility is also utilised for the preparation of steel. A pre-inspection is conducted when material is received and if, for example, holes need to be drilled or lugs need to be welded onto the material for the purpose of galvanising, this is done with client approval.

On-site offices are available for larger projects where clients would like to base their own personnel on-site for more efficient project management.

As a value-added service, our team of experts offers specialist consulting on your projects. As experts in our field, we save you time and money by advising on everything from raw materials to the specs to ensure that a high quality finished product is delivered on time, every time.

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With an extremely large zinc kettle situated on our premises we're able to galvanise in excess of 3 tonnes in a single dip making us the perfect partner for large item galvanising.


Transvaal Galvanisers' state-of-the-art dragline galvanising plant ensures that we're able to offer exact zinc micron thickness according to your final specifications.


At times when your jobs require additional anti-corrosion protection and finishing, our off-site painting workshop allows for high quality duplex coatings. This facility is run by experts in their field and is compliant with all statutory regulations.


Our shot blasting workshop is available as an alternative to acid pickling on items that are covered in grease, paint etc. and require a more vigorous cleaning method. The workshop is also used when doing duplex coatings.


Need an expert opinion? Our steel and galvanising knowledge can save you time and money. Chat to us before your project begins!


As home to South Africa's only Kettle Inspection Device (KID Unit), we are able to test the lifespan of your zinc kettle while it's in operation.